Along the Skirtings of a Hidden City

Along the Skirtings of a Hidden City – 1997 (8:45 min.)

Raw night video of a bike ride through the K-area in the Bijlmer (Amsterdam), neighborhood and operating base from 1989 to 1997 of the artists Thérèse Zoekende and Patrick Koster. This video is a part of the project named “The Bijlmer Years”.

After the Bijlmer crash in October 1992 –an EL AL Boeing 747 crashed into Groeneveen en Klein-Kruitberg two of the honeycomb-shaped high-rise apartment buildings of the K-area- the whole district was demolished soon after. Inner city regeneration made its appearance; the artist’s house was on the demolition nomination and the project was forced to finish.

Check for more information about Thérèse Zoekende and/or Patrick Koster and their current projects: samurette | theresezoekende

Tags: Video

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