Boldies is the title of a collaborative project by Thérèse Zoekende and Patrick Koster that resulted in a set of approximately 78 photographs.

The computer-processed portraits are cut-outs from photos in which characteristic poses of fictional/imaginary superheroes are re-enacted by them. In the photos, their heads are bald and their different expressive facial expressions mirror each other. The photos were taken in their former Bijlmer home Koningshoef 6, and can therefore be counted as work that was made in the period designated by them as ‘Bijlmer Years 1989-1997’.

Boldies (M) + Boldies (F) is the title of 2 sets of 2 books belonging together: computer printouts of photographs of their faces, each with a poem by Lord Byron, signed, the smaller version: h 14, x w 18 cm, (Amsterdam) 1999.

Set 1: book 1: Boldies (F), 17 photographs. book 2: Boldies (M), 23 photographs. Set 2: book 1: Boldies (F), 16 photographs. book 2: Boldies (M), 22 photographs.

Boldies (M) + Boldies (F): 2 sets of 2 books

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Comic Boldies, 1999, manual paper collage, cutout photos

Bijlmer Boldies, 1999, photographs

Mirrored Boldies, 2023, computer prints