Born in Culemborg, Netherlands, Europe
Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands, EU

Using knives and scissors as brushes, Patrick Koster creates collage artworks with plastic on light. Content inspired by the news, images from the media, poetry and philosophy and biblical and mythical iconography, the artist uses bright and cheerful colors in a sometimes misleading way. Intrigued by tension between (inner) peace and violence, he often treats subjects that are dark and layered with heavy meanings.

The duality between color and subject is one of the enigmatic features of his work. The brightness of the colors used, partly caused by the light box technique, can also appear corrosive to the viewer. Patrick Koster has developed this unique style himself. Similar to pop art Koster’s work is coupled to modernity and modern techniques.



ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, Netherlands


Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam Institute of the Art of Painting (AIS), Netherlands

Solo exhibitions


Installation, Project Space Peters & Versteijlen, 9 streets district Amsterdam, Netherlands


KunstRai-Art Amsterdam 2017, Fontana Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Kennedy Van der Laan, ‘The Laments Of An Icarus’, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Gallery Saluki, ‘Crash Exhibition’, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hilton Health Club, ‘Related To The Body’, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Art Project Space de Vetterstraat, ‘Burning Glasses’, installation, Amsterdam, NL

Group exhibitions


Oyster Art Gallery, Art for Art, international virtual exhibition, Lahore, Pakistan


CODA Museum, Beauty Of The Battle, Apeldoorn, Netherlands [+catalogue]
Stokroos Foundation Utrecht, Project Subsidy Professional Arts, Beauty Of The Battle, Museum Coda Apeldoorn, The Netherlands


CBK Zuidoost, Ode To The Bijlmer, Bijlmer Years 1989-1997, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
AFK, Amsterdam Fund for the Art, Project Subsidy Professional Arts, Bijlmer Years 1989-1997, Ode To The Bijlmer, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
KunstRai-Art Amsterdam 2018, Fontana Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Fontana Gallery, Winter Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art The Hague 2017 (Art Fair), Fontana Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
Fontana Gallery, Summer Show, Amsterdam, Netherlands


ChezPatrickEtTherese, ‘duo-exhibition’, Amsterdam, NL


ArtKitchen Gallery, KunstRai 99 / Art Amsterdam (Art Fair), NL
Ars Electronica, CyberArts, Computer Animation / Net-Art, Linz, Austria
Art Frankfurt (Art Fair), Aschenbach Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
De Appel Arts Centre, ‘’, Amsterdam, NL


De Boterhal Arts Centre, ‘Cool It & Cool Too’, Hoorn, NL
ArtKitchen Gallery, KunstRai 98 (Art Fair), ‘Cool Too’, Amsterdam, NL


Donkersloot Gallery, ‘Live Painting At The Vondelpark’, Amsterdam, NL
AIS Gallery in collaboration with Vondelpark Foundation, ‘A Day Live Painting II’, Amsterdam, NL
Marijkehal Gymnasium, ‘When The Mind Soars, The Brush Dances’, Social calligraphy project, Monnickendam, NL
Club Hotel Arena, ‘Live VJ Performance’, Amsterdam, NL


AIS Gallery, ‘Upshot’, Amsterdam, NL


Facing Stedelijk Museum, ‘Records’, Amsterdam, NL


Valkhof Park, ‘Paintings Installation’, Nijmegen, NL


K.IN.G.G.-Gallery ‘Pinhole Photographs’, Alphen a/d Rijn, NL [catalogue]



Nederland’s Adelsboek, Family Constellation, 2021, Stichting Uitgave Nederland’s Adelsboek, Hoge Raad van Adel


Stokroos Foundation Utrecht, Project Subsidy Professional Arts, Beauty Of The Battle, Museum Coda Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Gallery Viewer, presentation on online platform for contemporary art, represented by: Gallery Fontana Amsterdam

2017 – present

Galerie Fontana, artist representation, Amsterdam, NL
Kunstzicht, online artist profile


Artist profile at ARTECRU’s artistic community website, Spanish and English


Masterscriptie Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Angela Schoonderbeek, Student Member of the Programme Committee Arts & Culture Studies, having two professions, being a karateka and a visual artist


Het Parool (newspaper), review, Ode to the Bijlmer, CBK-Zuidoost, Amsterdam, read article
De Stentor (newspaper), Interview, Beauty of the Battle, Coda Museum Apeldoorn, read article
Gallery Viewer, presentation on online platform for contemporary art, represented by: Gallery Fontana Amsterdam
Art Route Southeast – Public Art Amsterdam


Arts Salon Chezpatrickettherese, adhesive film collage works, Amsterdam


Boekie Woekie – artist-run bookstore for books by artists, internet catalogue, Consumed in Image: Mechanical Imagery / The Great Tactile Phase of Discovery / Prostituted Objects / The Assault of Touch / Boldies (F), Boldies (M)


Ars Electronica, Cyberarts 99, Int. Compendium, Prix Ars Electronica; book, video and CD
Next 5 Minutes 3, international festival and conference for Tactical Media, Inside-Outside Subjective-Objective, Website N5M3
Next 5 Minutes 3, revolves around the notion of tactical media, the fusion of art, politics and media, Catalogue
De Hoeksteen Net, art works by Patrick Koster


Art Alert magazine, Crash Exhibition, interview, review


K.IN.G.G.-Gallery, Catalogue Pinhole Photography

Artist’s Limited Edition Books

2013 – present

Boekie Woekie-artist-run bookstore for books by artists, ‘Consumed in Image: Mechanical Imagery’, Amsterdam, NL

2012 – present

Boekie Woekie- books by artists, ‘Consumed in Image: The Great Tactile Phase of Discovery’, Amsterdam, NL

2011 – present

Boekie Woekie- books by artists, ‘Consumed in Image: Prostituted Objects’, Amsterdam, NL

2010 – present

Boekie Woekie- books by artists, ‘Consumed in Image: The Assault of Touch’, Amsterdam, NL

2009 – present

Boekie Woekie- books by artists, ‘Boldies (F), Boldies (M)’, Amsterdam, NL


ArtKitchen Gallery, ‘Consumed in Image Project’, ‘Boldies (F), Boldies (M)’, A’dam, NL
Aschenbach Gallery, ‘Boldies (F), Boldies (M)’, Amsterdam, NL

Projects, Performances, Collaborations


CODA Museum, Beauty of the Battle, karate performance, Apeldoorn, Netherlands [catalogue]


Prix Ars Electronica, ‘Inside-Outside Subjective-Objective’, Webcasting
Paradiso Cultural Center, Next 5 Minutes 3 (Arts, Politics and Media), ‘Inside-Outside Subjective-Objective’, Cablecasting, Amsterdam, NL
Salto Amsterdam Public Access, ‘Inside-Outside Subjective-Objective’, Television Cablecasting


KunstRai 98, ‘Coverage of Cool Too’, Opening Peformance, Amsterdam, NL
Amsterdam Broadcast, ‘Cool Too’


Vondelpark Foundation, AVRO Television (General Association of Radio Broadcasting), ‘A Day Live Painting’

Teachings, Workshops


CODA Museum, Beauty of the Battle, karate workshop, Apeldoorn, Netherlands [catalogue]


De Balie – Political and Cultural Platform, Next 5 Minutes 3, ‘The Art of Campaigning, Low End Technology Workshop’, Amsterdam, NL


AIS Arts Institute, ‘Martial in Arts’, classes, Amsterdam, NL


Kennedy Van der Laan Art Collection, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Carnation Lawyers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Friedberg & Mahn Lawyers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Waltec Parctical Waste Solutions, Gees, The Netherlands
Family Filz von Reiterdank Art Collection, The Netherlands