La Fête Galante 2024-2023

Fete galante paintings are an important part of the rococo period of art.

Since summer 2023 I take life a little lighter …
and worked on a new series of collage works entitled “La Fete Galante”.
The Fete Galante paintings were a genre within the French 18th century rococo period of art.

I especially like Antoine Watteau’s (1684-1721) mixing of theater life with real life. In a way that the boundary between the two is completely blurred.

The lightness of being, the relaxed atmosphere, the costumes and the appreciation for intimacy: I find it all very appealing and tried to catch this joie de vivre, this lifestyle of la vie en rose in my latest art.🌹😘


Fete galante paintings are an important part of the rococo art period. During this period the focus within European art changed. The sphere of influence of the hierarchical, standardized grandeur of the church and the royal court was waning. A new era dawned with increasing appreciation for intimacy and personal pleasures. Yet the lush outdoor environments of fête galante paintings were often borrowed from paintings from previous periods. Venetian paintings from the 16th century and Dutch paintings from the 17th century were particularly popular for this.

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Work on paper