Art on Paper 2014-2021

Manual collage and drawing, pencil, ballpoint pen, colored pencil and paper on paper.

I have decided to share my artworks on paper with you as well. This is the first in a series that I want to update regularly. They are all collage works or at least works on paper. When I draw I use felt-tip pens, pencil, colored pencil or ballpoint pen. Sometimes I scan the works to print them and then draw on them or cut them in and stick them on so that a collage is created. The sizes of the works are around 30 to a maximum of 50 cm. All table worktop format. These works have not been shown before and they have therefore never been exhibited.

Work on paper

Work on or with paper, whether pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, gouache or collage, shows the artist in the most spontaneous and artistically free moment. The directness associated with this medium brings artist and viewer very close together. In their intimacy and vulnerability, works on or with paper thrive with the exclusive attention they deserve.

Art on or with paper not only has a special artistic character, but is often accessible and attractive in terms of size and price. Beginning art lovers may be able to make one of their first art purchases in this way.

Do you rate your work on paper as highly as the collage works?

Here’s a nice quote from German visual artist Gerhard Richter (February 9, 1932): “Do you rate your work on paper as highly as the paintings?” GR: “Well, to be honest I must say it took a long time. It’s only since 1976 that I have allowed myself to do that sort of small work. Before I insisted that I should be able to theoretically justify everything I did. That theory wasn’t entirely correct, but I did often believe in it. Drawing or painting on paper is more impulsive than painting on canvas. It doesn’t take so much effort, and you can simply throw away anything you don’t like, whereas large canvases take much more effort and time. I found that the directness of the works on paper led to randomness and virtuosity. I didn’t want any of that.”

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