Vinyl Work 1996-2004

Vinyl Work 1996-2004, collage artworks of adhesive film on drawing polyester.

The evolving relationship between men and machines (read: cars), is a key theme in Patrick Koster’s oeuvre. His early works, the wood panel, and vinyl works can be interpreted as showing a merger between technology, sexuality, and death.
In the vinyl work Danse Macabre 1999, the grim scene we witness suggests that a sort of duel between the two entities, man and racecar, is taking place. The liaison is complex and ambiguous.

In many of his art works, humans merge uncomfortably with machines. But, that’s not always the case. See, Sea of Tranquility 2007: this is one of an exception. In Night Rider 2007 a somewhat obscure figure sits totally slumped in the driver’s seat, loosely holding the steering wheel. His demonstrative act of nonperformance is rebellious and melancholic. This artwork resonates a Byronic “-give me the pleasure with the pain-“ vibe.

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