KunstRai-Art Amsterdam 2018

28 maart 2018In Arts, Shows

KunstRai-Art Amsterdam

Galerie Fontana would like to invite you to the festive opening of the KunstRai-Art Amsterdam 2018. On Wednesday April 4 from 5: 00-10:00 PM. The fair will be officially opened at 7:00 PM. Motto of this fair is Focus Barcelona. Hence the Spanish Ambassador Z.E. Mr Fernando Arias González will be present at the opening. Usually the fair will be held in Hall 7 of the Amstelhal. Part of the RAI Amsterdam builbing complex. At the Wielingenstraat you will find the entrance.

The Vernissage

Visual artist Patrick Koster exhibits a series of square and predominantly red works. All these works are made in the technique that Patrick has studied in recent years. Collage of adhesive film on drawing polyester mounted on light box. The works are entitled The Vernissage. Patrick chose a newspaper photo as a starting point for making the series. Taken at the opening of an art exhibition in Ankara, Turkey. A man disguised as a security guard had attacked the Russian Ambassador who spoke an opening speech.

Inspired by the time and world in which we live, Patrick Koster intervenes artistically by placing “evil” in an alienating context. His work ensures that your mind does not immediately see struggle and violence in the image, but rather uses your imagination to understand it.

In my work I immerse myself in the violence and ideas of attackers. In many cases, there is hardly any contradiction between reasonable thinking and evil. Reason is an instrument that can be used for good and for bad. Thinking can also easily change from good to evil.

Question Mark Amid The Deluge Of Images

“Studying evil and violence has traditionally been an area of ​​the arts. Think of Francisco Goya’s painting “Saturn swallowing his children”, Dante’s La Divina Commedia, Medea from Greek mythology, Van den Vos Reynaerde, Macbeth, The Joker or Hanibal Lecter. It often satisfies our fascination with violence. Or our desire to witness the cross-border, the secret, the forbidden, the horrific.

Art can create an interval between seeing and understanding, raising a question mark amid the deluge of images. Creating a kind of in-between so that thinking no longer reproduces the already established opinions and new thoughts can begin. To reveal such an intermediate area, the artist will have to undermine the stereotypical images and thinking patterns. Sprinkle sand in the representation machine, so that it falters and jerks and no longer conjures up the calibrated image. None of the contradictions with which we have divided our world appears to be trusting. The beautiful no longer belongs to the good, the ugly no longer automatically to evil.