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5 oktober 2017In Exhibition Review, Arts

Art The Hague 2017

Artworks Patrick Koster on view at Art The Hague 2017 from Wednesday 4 to Sunday 8 October 2017, Fokker terminal, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Patrick Koster represented at Art The Hague.

One of the works that can be seen at Art The Hague is Hanna and Evy in Delft, 1944 I, series # 2, made in 2015. The artwork is made in Patrick’s well-known collage technique of adhesive film on drawing polyester, mounted on the light box. The dimensions of the work are height 157.6 cm x width 81.6 cm or height 62.1 inch by width 32.1 inch.

For this work at Art The Hague Patrick took inspiration for the work from literature this time. A long-lost “Diary 1944” by the writer Hans Keilson about his time in hiding in Delft. An old newspaper photo taken in the hunger winter 44-45 was the starting point for this work. On show are two women Hanna Sanders (23 years old) and Evy Bakker. Author Hans Keilson went into hiding with them for some time in World War II. Sit in a small room at the table and both women lick their plates.

Les Fleurs du Mal

The photo reminded me of the poem: Dusk by Charles Baudelaire published in the collection of poems Les Fleurs du Mal. The air is full of morbid devils you can hear awakening. Baudelaire was fascinated by the lurid and satanic. Man’s discomfort with his fate intrigued him. Baudelaire also rejected any belief in progress.

Diner Plate As A Shield

I folded the photo of the two women in half. Both women are portrayed separately at their own work. That is why I came up with a series of two works. Hanna and Evy II imagines “the world” of Hanna. Evy is central to the first work in the series. Both women depict innocence and good. They seem to use their dinner plate as a shield. As if they want to protect themselves against what is “hanging over their heads”. Please leave a respond if you like this presentation of Patrick Koster’s artwork at Art The Hague.